Thursday, March 29, 2007

July (1968)

In my opinion, this is one of the best British psychedelic albums ever recorded. July didn't last much longer than a year as a band, but during that time they managed to record this classic album. In addition to this, a compilation of demos would also be released called The Second of July, which I'll post sooner or later. It's also a really good listen, especially since you can see how much the songs developed prior to the official album. I highly recommend this album because I think that many of the tracks really capture the essence of the 60s psychedelic sound.

Stand-Out Tracks:
"My Clown"
"Jolly Mary"
"You Missed It All"
"The Way"
"To Be Free"

"My Clown"

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Toby X said...

this is definitely my favorite of the records i hear from you.

dougfield got that good good.

Heavypsychman said...

I love "Dandelion Seeds" a lot, had it on an old comp tape for years!

Underrated Uk jingle jangle psych just as good as Pink Floyds early such such as See Emily Play etc

Home of the heaviest sounds around

Johnny said...

Thanks for both July discs - excellent stuff!

Juancho said...