Sunday, April 8, 2007

Wire - Chairs Missing (1978)

This is veering away from the psychedelic theme but this album does have somewhat of a psychedelic influence. Wire is a post-punk band from London and this is their second album, following the punk rock classic Pink Flag. With this album they took a more experimental approach without veering too far away from their punk sound. The sound of this album draws comparisons to early Pink Floyd, which I think is evident at certain times but not overwhelmingly so. Overall, I think this is an excellent album with a great balance between punk, pop, and more experimental material.

Stand-Out Tracks:
"Practice Makes Perfect"
"French Film Blurred"
"Outdoor Miner"
"I Am The Fly"
"From The Nursery"
Too many to choose, really.

"I Am The Fly"

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