Monday, April 16, 2007

Rainbow Ffolly - Sallies Fforth (1967)

Rainbow Ffolly was a British psych-pop band that released only one album. The band was founded by two brothers named Jon and Richard Dunsterville, Jon serving as the songwriter. After recording a 12-track demo at the Jackson Recording studio, the songs were sent to EMI who were so impressed that they asked to release the demo as an album. The band was hesitant because they hadn’t meant for the demo to be a finished product, but they went ahead with it anyway because it was so difficult to get a recording contract at the time. Unfortunately, the album didn’t have good sales and they didn’t make enough money touring, so by 1968 they called it quits. It’s a shame because I’m sure if they had the opportunity to record a proper album, it would’ve been great. The music on Sallies Fforth is a combination of upbeat and slow psychedelic pop full of rich vocal harmonies, great songwriting, and quirky psychedelic intros.

Stand-Out Tracks:
“She’s Alright”
“I’m So Happy”
“Drive My Car” (Not a Beatles cover)
“Sun & Sand”

"I'm So Happy"

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