Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Saddar Bazaar - The Conference of the Birds (1995)

Saddar Bazaar are a group from Bristol, UK that formed in 1990. The Conference of the Birds is an entirely instrumental album that combines Eastern influenced raga with Western instrumentation like slide guitar and keyboard. There is a heavy use of the sitar and other Eastern instruments such as kubing, dholak, agoul, sitar, duff and tablas. I've yet to hear their other material so I'm not sure if this is their typical style, but I think that it's in a similar vein. The Conference of the Birds makes for nice background music yet it's also impressive when closely observed. The instrumentation and composition seem highly considered, making for an overall consistent album.

Download The Conference of the Birds


Sherlock said...

I've heard their 2nd LP 'path of the rose' and was interested in hearing more material by them.
Cheers Mate!

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to hearing this album. Incidentally, if you've lost track of CGR ... here's the new url: