Wednesday, March 28, 2007

White Noise - An Electric Storm (1969)

David Vorhaus, the son of a blacklisted film director, started White Noise after moving from America to the U.K. to avoid the draft. While studying electronic music, he was inspired to combine electronic and pop music after seeing a lecture by a group called Unit Delta Plus. This group was a part of the BBC's innovative Radiophonic Workshop and included Delia Derbyshire (creator of the Dr. Who theme), Peter Zinovieff, and Brian Hodgson. Vorhaus convinced Derbyshire and Hodgson to work on a record with him and so White Noise began. The album is truly unique for it's combination of early electronics and odd, psychedelic music. Because it was created before the Moog synthesizer, they used homemade equipment and tape recorders to create the amazing sounds on this record. The songs are overall very good too, making it all the more interesting.

Stand-Out Tracks:
"Love Without Sound"
"Here Comes The Fleas"

"Love Without Sound"

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Downlad An Electric Storm