Friday, May 25, 2007

Comets on Fire (2001)

This is the first album from Santa Cruz's Comets on Fire. Their music is generally loud, riff-heavy madness although their latest material has taken a turn towards accessibility, which I find somewhat regrettable. This is by far their most spaced out and brutal offering to date. The guitars, drums and vocals are all fucking fierce, to say the least, and the use of the echoplex adds another layer of insanity. The echoplex is an old tape-driven echo and delay unit, which I've wanted ever since I first heard this album. This is actually a reissue of their first record and it includes a bonus 28 minute clip of their live show.

"Got A Feelin"

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Anonymous said...

Fuckin' A man, brutal spaced-fuzz rock! love it

Anonymous said...

Fuckin motherfuckerband! great, this kind of garage it likes me


John Trashe
garage punk surf, trash rock&roll etcetc

tib said...

Mindblowing. Thanks.