Monday, May 7, 2007

A Cricket in the Court of Akbar

I've been taking a break from updating this blog because school is quite hectic right now. I'm hoping to get started again soon, but in the meantime, here's a trailer for a very interesting documentary that I stumbled across on youtube. This is what it's about:

"American student of Indian Classical music, Andrew Mendelson, competes in the largest music competition in Rajasthan, India. Sitar in hand, he attempts to navigate the complex rules of this ancient tradition only to find that his western culture clash might be insurmountable. Will he find acceptance before facing India's newest generation of master musicians?"

I really want to check this out for a number of reasons. First off, although I haven't listened to Indian Classical music all that much, psychedelic music has definitely made me more and more compelled. I'm also very interested by the culture clash aspect of the film. I find it truly inspring that this guy is willing to step into a very different culture and compete in a tradition that's not his own.

Go here for more information:
Ragamala Productions


jim said...

i ran into a spanish cat that was financing his world travels by playing his sitar on the streets. he refused to play for us. also, he had terribly unfortunate facial hair.

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