Monday, July 16, 2007

Pitchfork Festival/Delicious Design League

Arthur Lee Benefit Poster by Delicious Design League

I just got back from my weekend at the Pitchfork Festival here in Chicago. Overall it was pretty great. I was an idiot and waited too long to get tickets for the Sonic Youth/GZA/Slint show but Saturday and Sunday were still good and well worth it. My favorite acts were Clipse, Deerhunter, Stephen Malkmus and De La Soul. Grizzly Bear, Fujiya and Miyagi, Menomena and Junior Boys were also good. Anyhow, they had some amazing concert posters in one part of the park and I managed to get the last copy of the Arthur Lee Benefit poster. It was extra weird because I had an image of this exact poster saved on my computer because I liked it so much. It was printed by an excellent design group from Chicago called Delicious Design League. Be sure to check out their site because I'm really, really impressed by all of their work.

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